Every year, the Dormition of Theotokos is celebrated at the heights of Vermion mountain. The tradition and history of sixteen centuries that began to be written with struggles and sufferings is continued, around the sacred symbol of the Icon of the Lady of Pontus, Soumeliotissa Panagia. Thousands of faithful pilgrims descend to the Church of the Holy Foundation, to pay tribute to Virgin Mary, and to all the saints, martyrs and heroes who sacrificed their lives defending our religion and our traditions.

It is the celebration that, at the same time, conveys the Pontian customs and traditions to future generations, and of the Holy heirlooms (Religious & Historical) that the first generation of devout refugees has carried from their homeland.

Thus, the Board of the Holy Foundation and the Society "Panagia Soumela" organize this festival on 14 and 15 August with many events on the heights of Mount Vermion, in the presence of representatives of religious military and political leadership, of the Federations and Presidents of Pontiac Associations, particularly of Pontian Youth, and thousands of believers from all over the world.

On the eve and after the great Archiepiscopal Vespers is the procession of the Holy Icon "Panagia Soumela." On the day of the celebration, a Hierarchical Liturgy is conducted in the presence of the Metropolitan of Veria, Naoussa and Campania and many officials. Before the end of the Divine Liturgy, the Lyceum Makrochori students are commemorated, who left us forever so early and unfairly, through the award of an annual honorary distinction and scholarship to one outstanding high school student from Makrochori Imathias.

After the Divine Liturgy, a procession of the Holy Icon follows and the deposit of wreaths to the bust of Alexander Ypsilanti and then a reception is given to high guests as an integral part of the event.

Then, in the church square, in the presence of many people, Pontiac artistic events take place where two hundred and more children dance groups of our Pontian Associations from all over Greece, as well as representatives of the Pontian youth of our diaspora.

Finally, at the official dinner, the President of the Society delivers the festive speech of the day, while occasionally persons of the political, religious or historical life of the country are honored for their contribution to Greece and the Pontian Greeks..

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Panagia Soumela

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